torsdag 20 april 2017


Jag har suttit på jobbet och letat upp en massa information om Karlskrona åt några av våra nya medarbetare som inte kommer ifrån staden, borde nästan tagit jobb på Turistbyrån efter detta...

Men det var riktigt roligt och intressant att leta information och se Karlskrona med en besökares ögon.
Upptäckte bl.a. att vi har ett safari här i Karlskrona, genast började man tänka på vilda djur som giraffer, lejon o elefanter... gick in på sidan o det visade sig vara ett GÄDDsafari :)

Största utmaningen med denna sammanfattningen var nog att allt skulle vara på engelska, och inte låta som en tråkig gammal skolbok.

Tänkte att jag lägger in texten, ja på engelska, här nedan som inte rör företaget - den får ju inte spridas. Blir väl ca 2/3 kvar när jag tagit bort företagets del....

Jag har även tagit bort alla länkar till bostadsdelen, lite onödigt att ha en massa lägenhetslänkar på bloggen som väldigt troligt inte kommer vara aktuella om ett tag...

Men hoppas att ni får upp ögonen lite för Karlskrona :)  

Welcome to Karlskrona

Karlskrona is spread over many islands, Trossö is the main one where the city center is located. Landmarks on Trossö include the Karlskrona naval base and Stortorget, the large town square at the centre of the island at its highest point with two churches.

In Sweden we have a country code +46 (you skip the first 0 in the phone number when you use +46 abroad (0709… gets +46 709….) In Karlskrona our area code is 0455.

Your arrival

The preferred way to travel to Karlskrona is to take a flight to Copenhagen(CPH) airport.

When you landed and got your luggage, is it time to take the train to Karlskrona. The train station is located under your feet when you arrive into the arrival terminal.

The train ride is around 3 hours and the last stop is Karlskrona so you won’t miss it. The trains are leaving frequently, often every hour, but please double check the departure times of arrival. The time table can be found in this link:

You get the ticket in a ticket machine whit your credit card.

If all works, it should look like the picture below and you only need to validate the “Depart” date, you change language in the upper right corner “välj språk”
If you instead of flying to Copenhagen, fly to Stockholm/Arlanda (ARN) airport, you need to take a domestic flight to Ronneby (RNB) airport (it´s a small airport) and then you need to take a flight-bus or taxi to get the last part to Karlskrona. Both are standing just outside the entrance.

If you take a taxi, it´s recommended to book one before you fly from Arlanda.

Here is some information on what Karlskrona can offer you;


Karlskrona has several different types of rental accommodations in town. If you lucky you will find someone whit a small garden or a balcony.

When you look for an apartment, don´t take Kungsmarken and Marieberg areas as your first choice, it´s not so popular so save that as a last alternative.

You can find apartments, furniture, bicycles, cars, etc. on a purchase and sales site called Blocket.
The site is in Swedish but luckily the are photographs

You will find a link to Blekingetrafiken where you can see with bus you can take and when.


In Sweden all children attend comprehensive school from about the year of 7.

Here is a link that explains how our schoolsystem works.

We don´t want you to get sick but if you do, here is two links that explains health care:

If you have children, you should call Trossö Child Health center and notify them, so that you can go on controls and get help if there would be any problems.

They have telephone number: +46 455 73 55 63

Work out

If you like to work out, follow this link and you will find many of the city´s gym facilities.

Eat and drink

In Karlskrona we have many restaurants, som of them are listed in the link below.
Recommend you reserve a table for safety's on Fridays and Saturdays.

We also have many cafés in this city, some of them you will find in the link:


We have a Tourist center call or visit if you have any questions or would like to book a guided tour on the sea or in the city on the summer.
We also have under the summer some archipelago boats that you can ride during summertime.

The picture is from a tour with Axel in Nättrabyån.

A good site with information about events in Karlskrona is this:

There you also can find som information about our museum, like a Car museum at Albinsson & Sjöberg next to Eriksson’s office, Marinmuseum with a unique submarine hall. 
And if you want to know about Blekinge and Karlskrona, you should visit
Blekinge museum.

 You can also find some information about our churches, playgrounds, swimming areas and experiences for children, did you know that we have a children's farm which offers peasant farm-zoo and a water park.
If you take a tour with Aspöferry over to Aspö you can find Iceland horses, crafts, restaurants, KA2 museum. Perfect little island to ride around on a nice summer day.
The ferry is free and goes below the Ericsson´s office 1 time/hour.

There are many shopping places outside the town, in Lyckeby. You take the easiest way out there by car or bus line No. 1,2,3,6.
There you will find shops that Babyproffsen, Rusta, Mio furniture, flower shops, craft shops, etc.
If you like to go fishing, here is a link that give you some information about fishing in Karlskrona:

And remember…
People might get annoyed if you…

·         Don´t wait for your turn

·         Don´t clean up after yourself

·         Ride a bike on the pedestrian lane

·         Don´t ask if you don´t understand.

I hope that you and your family will enjoy your stay here in Karlskrona.

Vill ni läsa mer om själva Karlskrona stads historia, så gjorde jag ett inlägg om detta 2014, ni hittar det här :)
Ha en mysig dag!

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